Teaching Others About Digital Security and Privacy

Nearly everything we do is digital: our banking and commerce; our interactivity and socialization; our education and information exchange; our entertainment; our politics and our dissent. So much of our lives have an electric footprint.

Therefore, it's in the interest of everyone to better manage the risks of digital media. In the spirit of teaching others how to do something than to simply do it for them, Mickler & Associates, Inc. is joining forces with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to help train, educate, and show others how to manage their data securely and confidentially.

The Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) is a network of grassroots groups taking action in their own local communities to promote digital rights.

As an EFA member organization, we believe that technology should support the intellectual freedom at the heart of a democratic society. In the digital age, that entails advancing:

  • Free Expression
    People should be able to speak their minds to whoever will listen.

  • Security
    Technology should be trustworthy and answer to its users.

  • Privacy
    Technology should allow private and anonymous speech, and allow users to set their own parameters about what to share with whom.

  • Creativity
    Technology should promote progress by allowing people to build on the ideas, creations, and inventions of others.

  • Access to Knowledge
    Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled.

We uphold these principles by fighting for transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law. Locally, Mickler & Associates, Inc. will be promoting these ideals by:

  • Holding online and on-ground seminars about digital security and privacy.

  • Creating training videos and other digital assets that could be shared and disseminated.

  • Commercial and non-commercial training.

  • Private consultations and service engagements.

  • Corporate events.

  • Offering up training for students and to community activists.

  • Donating our time and experience to non-profits.

Want to know more, or, how we could lend a hand to you or your local organization? Contact us. We can chit-chat about the possibilities and see where Mickler & Associates, Inc. could add value. Thanks.