ADVISORY: GASMO 3.5x Stops Working on March 1, 2016

Some of my clients may be using the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GASMO) client. It's what allows them to use Google Apps with Microsoft Outlook; GASMO synchronizes email, contacts, calendars, and notes to the cloud.

On Monday March 1, 2016, Google is retiring an older version of this product. Users who haven't upgraded to a higher version may experience a situation where they won't receive their email - and/or their Notes won't synchronize - in Outlook.

Note: This situation only affects users who are using Microsoft Outlook. If you don't use Outlook, you can disregard this advisory. It also would not affect any user that I recently helped with Outlook since January 2015.

How to check what version of GASMO you're running:

1. Go to the System Tray. It's next to the time on your PC, lower left hand corner.

2. Look for the white and green round swirly icon. Right click on it. Select About.

3. The GASMO splash screen will show the version. 

File_000 (1).jpeg

If the version is equal to or less than 3.5.385, then your GASMO must be updated.

Please take a moment today to:

1. Browse to the sync tool website.

2. Close Microsoft Outlook.

3. Click on the Download Google Apps Sync button.

4. Run the file.

5. A process will install the latest version of the tool.

6. When the installation finishes, it'll say so, and provide a dialog for an email address. You can just cancel at that time; you do not need to provide it; you are already configured to use Outlook.

7. Re-open Outlook.

You'd now be using the latest version of the sync tool.

Also, it is not harmful to update your current version of GASMO. You may do so voluntarily if you wish.

If you need assistance or find yourself with email issues come March 1, 2016, please feel free to contact me. I can remote in and help you.

Thanks again.