What I Do

Who I Help

I help small businesses use technology better. I define a small business as one with 1-50 employees – for-profit or non-profit – and usually without an internal IT Department. I have customers all across the country.

What I Do

Do you want (or need) help with your computers, phones, tablets, email systems, servers, networks, or social media strategy? Do you want to work with somebody who loves what they do, who will talk to you without belittling geekspeak, and who’ll be a partner in your success? Well, I just might be your guy!

What I Don’t Do

Regrettably, I do not help residential users of computers. My clients are businesses or solo-professionals.

Platforms I Work With

I’m an expert with PC’s and Mac platforms, Windows, Linux, and MacO/S. I’m also very familiar with IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android (Droid) and Blackberry. I work on Windows Servers, Mac Servers, and Linux Servers; VOIP phones as well as PBX and Key Phone Systems. I’ve been doing this since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

How I Can Help

Hey, I’d love to help you! There are four ways:

Hourly Rate

I bill my time in quarter-hour increments at $125/hour.

The No-Cost Consult

Listen, I don’t charge anybody to learn how I can help them out. I also don’t charge for asking questions. I’m serious about wanting to be your partner, and that means I’m willing to learn about your business, your customers, what your needs are, and describe how I could help – without charge. Phone, email, Skype, or even on-site if you’re in Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR. Let’s get to know each other and see if we can do business together.

Block Retainers

Okay, if you’re not a regular client and if you’ve got technical questions, need some immediate help with server or network, your social media campaign, or you’re computer’s just plain busted – and time is of the essence – this track is for you. You can buy five or ten hour blocks of time to ask me whatever questions you have and get your problem fixed straight away.

Request For Proposal

If you have a  large project and need a more thorough response, and want a competitive bid, please use the contact form below to have me prepare a proposal for your company.

Don't Know Which Service is Best for You?

No problem! Just complete the contact form. I’ll contact you within an hour or two and we can chit-chat about what you need. Make sure you leave me your phone number so I can call you back right away!