The Impending Implosion of the Tech Bubble


Well it turns out that the crazy valuations for tech stocks are finally undergoing a correction. Finally! 

Amazingly, and I know you're probably shocked, the thousands of little tech companies that have been surviving off of the teats of their angel investors are beginning to starve! The poor little mongrels.

Investors, it seems, would like a return on their capital rather than supporting wacky business ideas that couldn't possibly work in the real world. The end result is that we're on the edge of another mass extinction event - a great implosion - that'll take out a bunch of tiny tech players thinking they could Get Big Fast before now. 

What? You say this sounds familiar? Well it is; to me, it smells like Teen Spirit, or rather, the late 1990's. At the edge of the Internet mania that would eventually pop the tech bubble.

Okay, you're a small business owner, what do you have to know about this next die off?

  1. You've put your small business capabilities and intellectual property assets at risk if you've invested a lot of time and energy in a dinky, no-name Internet company. If it's not a proven brand, they won't survive the coming apocalypse; they'll either die or be acquired.

  2. You need to consider relocating those assets and capabilities to a brand that'll survive the impending extinction event, and probably sooner than later.

Now would be a good time to consider this problem rather than waiting for the implosion to happen, when you don't have any more options.