Optimizing the Small Business - A Case Study

I recently helped out a pet clinic in the Vancouver, WA area.

First, infrastructure. We setup a wireless network, helped with retiring old machines, corrected some problems related to battery systems, recommended replacement hardware, and setup our offsite online backup processes to help save their data from catastrophic loss.

Second, we moved their email services to G-Suite (Google Apps). This gave them a foundation for managing email and calendaring resources more effectively.

Third, we deployed new laptops into exam rooms, bringing the data processing closer to the technicians and the customer. It used to be that clinic staff would have to go in and out of exam rooms to access computers with needed data and information; no longer.

Fourth, we deployed magstripes to the laptops so that financial transactions could be conducted in the exam room, easing pressure on the central desk and making check-out operations more fluid for the customer. 

Fifth, we deployed a printer into a place closer to the exam rooms so that receipt printing could happen quickly and effortlessly.

Sixth, we helped deploy new x-ray software to the clinic.

We then worked with the company to examine process workflows with external communications like email and phone calls, and helped construct a workflow that would leverage their production database to generate customer relationship reports.

Our future engagement will be assisting with more workflow issues, scaling their infrastructure to handle more machines and people, and we'll be working with their vendors to generally make things better. 

If you're looking for a business consultant in Vancouver, WA that can help you use technology better, just give us a call. We're always happy to help.