IT Expenses: Purchasing for Tomorrow, Not Today

A client of mine has undergone amazing growth. Just four years ago, they started with just two employees. Today, they're almost up to twenty-five.

With all that rapid growth, they had to make purchases without talking to their IT consultant. They picked up cheap computers from retail stores in order to satisfy their immediate needs. 

What they ended up purchasing were under-powered machines that were made for non-commercial consumers with low-grade operating systems, sub-standard parts with short warranty cycles, loads of software they didn't need, and mis-matched productivity software. They also weren't purchasing their software in volume licenses increasing their licensing management and paying premium for software.

Well, last week, they had grown to a point where they needed a server to host local applications. Unfortunately, very few of their PC's have professional licensing that would instantly interact with the server. They made their IT expenses based on the needs of yesterday and not their future. Now, they're in a position where much of this equipment will need to be replaced.

Learn from their costly lesson, friend. Talk to your friendly neighborhood IT consultant. Don't recklessly spend simply for today's benefit. Be prudent. Manage your purchases. Create a strategy. Plan for meeting today's requirements and tomorrow's anticipated needs.