How Does Your Technology Shape Experiences?

How does your customer experience your business? How does tech help facilitate or exacerbate that experience? 

Is your website mobile aware? That is to say easy to view on mobile devices, click-to-call options, immediate capability to chat or leave a message, or, self-service an appointment? 

On the other hand, is it not? Where mobile users have to resize the screen, cut-n-paste a phone number, or email you to contact you?

When people visit your service counter, how quickly does it take them to check out? Do they have to perform an endless array of clicks and checks and confirmations? Or is it slick, fast, painless? Is there a counter at all? 

What kind of experience do you give when invoicing your customer? Are they presented with a variety of online and offline payment options? Do you make it easy for them to review their invoices, dispute them, review their statements, pay you? Or are you still expecting a check to be dropped in the mail? Or cash to be exchanged? Or physical check to be written?

When doing business with you, are you taking their order by pen and paper, or, electronically? Or, do you have to wait, crack open a laptop, login, perform a bunch of rituals to open a document, edit it, and finally get down to business? How is the process of conducting your business elevated by technology, or, distracted by it?

How does your use (or ignorance) of technology shape consumer expectation? Do they expect you to be slow, make mistakes, deal only in paper receipts? Or can they expect you to be faster, respect their time, pass receipts electronically? How are you changing your business processes to meet changing consumer expectations?  

What kind of consumer experiences are you creating anyway? How does that impact your brand? What people are saying about you?