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Google Apps for Work offers small businesses an opportunity to use enterprise-class email at fractions of the cost.

Imagine: all of your company's email, contacts, calendars, and files, securely accessible from anywhere and on any device! And Google Apps for Work comes with the best anti-spam and anti-malware filtering available.

Google Apps has four compelling metrics for the small business owner.
1. Its cost is extremely low as compared to a solution that you’d manage on your own. It scales to your needs, where you can add and remove users/cost at your own discretion.

2. Every Google Apps user gets 30gb of email and file storage in Google Apps – an     extraordinary amount of space for the cost.
3. Google Apps enjoys “six-nines” up-time: Google is online .999999% of the time during the year. That means that the service goes down for, at most, two hours out of every year. That’s better than “five-nines” up-time which is an enterprise computing standard. Google Apps is extraordinarily reliable.

4. Control. We can control the security and the user experience with Google Apps from one centralized point, protecting your employees, your customer, and your company’s intellectual property.

A Google Apps for Work Reseller and Partner since 2008, Mickler & Associates, Inc. is uniquely qualified to assist small and large companies moving to Google Apps for Work. We've helped hundreds of companies and more than 2,200 users all across the US and Canada.

Want to know more? Just ask! Heck, we don't charge anyone for the privilege to learn how we can help their business. Thanks again for your time. 

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