Delight Everyone

Wow, a Positive Experience ...

I get my cell phone service from AT&T and I'm absolutely delighted.

AT&T delights me.


Through their app on my phone, I can view my account and all of the devices associated with it. I can see their current usage levels and set monitors and alerts on activities. I can review my charges and statements. I can enable and disable features within my plan, and even upgrade my plan directly from my phone.

On their website, I have even greater control over my experience with AT&T. Previous account statements, history, analytics, insight into usage patterns and behaviors.

When I was interested in getting the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 6, I could perform a trade-in check right from the device itself. It made me an offer right there. It walked me through plan upgrades and the purchase. Once placed, AT&T shot me an order number that could be tracked on their website, showing me the status of the order and eventual delivery status.

Afterwards, they followed-up with a text survey to learn how my experience was.

Why Delighting Matters

Delighting is cool!

AT&T delights me. They use technology to transform my experience with them from just "carrier" to "partner". I feel like I've got a quality, premium experience with them ... and they never had to lift a human finger to make it happen. 

And I rarely speak to anyone over the phone or in their stores. Even then, they greet me in person and enter my information into a tablet that tracks my need and order in the sales queue; they're always friendly and efficient.

Technology investments that delight your customers are some of the best strategic investments you can make. Using technology to change client experiences from "hard/difficult" to "easy/convenient" is the differentiation that'll set you apart from the competition.  It's real value added to the relationship. How we use technology to make others feel is important. Technology plays a big role here.

How are You Delighting Your Customers?

If you're a small business owner, ask yourself:

  • How are your technology investments delighting your customers, every day?

  • How is your technology allowing your employees to delight your customers?

  • How is your technology enabling both employees and customers to delight others?

  • How does a singular technology investment make just one aspect of your business relationship faster, more reliable, more accurate, and more self-directed, so people feel inclusive and as a partner, rather than frustrated and disenfranchised?