Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux

It used to be that Microsoft Windows dominated the small to mid-range market for business computing. Today, this is no longer the case. There are plenty of options available to the small business that are less risky and have a less expensive capital footprint than the Windows computing platform. It would be disingenuous of any technology professional to not consider or recommend other options available to their clients that provide the same value yet are more secure, more reliable, and, offer better performance.
We have based our practice on offering alternatives to the status quo. We believe that technology is competitive and that there are many solutions that could potentially address the needs of our clients; we don't exclusively pitch or another, and we have diversified our skillset to help clients who end up going a different way. We can offer and support a range of options that are available to the consumer.
Whatever you like to use - Windows, Mac, or Linux - it’s okay: we’ve got your back.