Timely thoughts, ideas, and insight from a seasoned professional with executive experience. 



Particularly as it might relate to an upcoming capital investment? Policies, procedures, administrative controls? Do you just want a few minutes to talk, bounce some ideas around? Tap into a talented C-Level professional that's been working professionally in tech since 1992.



The relationship between technology investment and ROI directly relates to understanding how new tech fits into existing processes, business patterns, staff behaviors and expectations. Ultimately, technical deployments are a human problem. Let us help.


SYSTEMS review

Unsure where technology can help your small business? Not a problem. Let's talk. Together, we can look for opportunities within your organization where technology may be able to add value, talk about broad deployment strategy, and clearly quantify their benefits.

Systems Management

End-to-end technical expertise for managing workstations, servers, networking equipment, mobile devices, software, data, and applications critical to your business.



Everything from Chromeboxes to kiosks, laptops to desktops, Mac's to professional workstations, workgroup to enterprise servers, we've got you covered. We can help manage, maintain, and dispose of assets throughout their lifecycle.



It's the backbone of everything you do: Internet connectivity, network switches, routers, gateways, bridges, wireless access points, and network-based appliances. We can troubleshoot existing speed and performance issues, too. 



Yes. It's a new age - computing on the go - where your company, customers, and products are everywhere you want to be. We can help you make your drive-by-wire anywhere-business safe, secure, and reliable.

Help and Support

Fast, knowledgeable, certified technical support when and where you need it.


windows, mac, linux

We are experts in all three major microcomputer operating systems used for desktop and server computing. Whether or not your company is looking for help with legacy equipment or new PC's, we are the only IT folks you need to call. 



We feel that it's not enough to simply remain at a distance with our customers. We enjoy going onground, getting our hands dirty, and shaking hands with our clients. We are both willing and able to make site visits to get the job done.

agony garden.jpg

mobile and remote

Sometimes you may simply need a complicated IT problem resolved immediately - at the earliest possible opportunity. Upon your approval, we can remote in to computers and equipment to make things right straight away.


We specialize in helping small businesses transition to the cloud: to leasing capability instead of owning assets. It's what we do.


google g-suite

G-Suite is Google's cloud-based productivity platform - perfect for the small business. We are a licensed G-Suite Partner with nearly a decade of experience with the product, capable of helping your company transition to cloud computing. 

app hosting.JPG

application hosting

In today's interconnected world, getting the right applications to the right people anywhere isn't only possible, it's expected. We can securely host your applications so that they can be accessible by anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection.


secure file access

Traditionally, files left on office computers are inaccessible in the field. That slowed down business processes and made it difficult to get work done. Not anymore! We can make your files securely accessible from anywhere, by anyone you want.

Disaster Recovery

Professionally safeguarding your digital assets means planning for loss and recovery. Let us show you how it's done.


online backups

The risks are real. Microcomputers are the target of malicious software that can encrypt and destroy all of the data on workstations and servers. Online backup is your proven, automated hedge against this risk, safeguarding your digital assets.


forensic data recovery

We are uniquely qualified to perform data recovery under the stringent requirements for preserving the integrity of electronic evidence for presentation in the court of law; we've also served as an expert witness and subject matter expert on forensic cases.


catastrophic loss

When everything is lost, who are you going to turn to? What's your plan? When it comes to the preservation of your digital assets, t's not a matter of "if" - it's a matter of "when". Let us help you craft a plan to rebuild and get back to work.

Security, Compliance, Audit

Information systems security is top-of-mind in everything we do. Leverage our experience.



Everything that we do with information technology has a security component. Security is Job-One. We are experts that can ensure the safety of your workforce, your mobile devices, your equipment, and your the confidentiality of your data, while operating in an online world.


Regulatory compliance when it comes systems management is your legal obligation. We are experts in system requirements concerning HIPAA's Privacy and Security Ruling, PCI-DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and OR/WA State data breach law. Leverage our background.


Strong security controls are not enough. We must routinely review and test our controls to make sure they're working as expected. A strong audit practice is not only a regulatory requirement, but it helps to reduce errors, avoid assumption, and strengthen your security posture.


Let us help you select, deploy, and manage your telephones, faxing, and mobile device management needs.

cabling and wiring

A good infrastructure is the backbone of everything we do with technology. If your infrastructure is weak or haphazard, it will be a constant struggle to improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of an information system. We can help.

voip phones & fax

We live in an era where telephones and faxes are simply network-connected computers. They're simple network appliances. We have a range of inexpensive small business telephone products suitable for your small business. 


Mobile Device Management (MDM) are software features which are deployed to your company's mobile devices that allow for their remote management to enforce things like encryption, remote wipe, or application compliance. We can help.


Curriculum development, lesson planning, and delivery. Leverage our graduate and undergraduate teaching background.



Customized, local IT training for your business. After learning your needs, we will build a curriculum and lesson plan to meet your company's training objectives and deliver that training onground in your conference room. 


remote seminar

If the training needs to be rapid and spread out, delivered electronically to anyone anywhere, we can help. We can bring your team onto our conference bridge and cloud-based content delivery system, and get the job done.



At times the best training is conducted one-on-one. Russell Mickler, our Principal Consultant, is available for individualized coaching which lends a customized, high-value, efficient experience you can't get anywhere else.