Five time and material hours purchased up-front - a 15% discount off our regular T&M rate!

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Quality technology services for your small business or household.

Retainers are a good way to get to know us and to cap the cost of our engagement.

Our 5-Hour Retainer would be ideal for installing new printers, for staging a new laptop or PC, for asking critical questions about your network or systems security, for auditing your data backup solutions, or for just routine technical support.

Accumulated time is tracked in quarter-hour increments and our services are posted against the retainer.

When the retainer is depleted, our client will be notified and given an option to purchase a new retainer, or, simply continue using our standard Time and Material rate.

Retainers are valid for 365 days from the point of purchase. When the retainer expires, our client will be notified 30 days ahead of time of the pending expiry; unused funds are forfeited upon the one year anniversary date of the retainer.

Retainers cover only the labor expended to fulfill the client’s expectations. It does not cover fees for on-going services.