Online Backup Solutions

Just imagine.

One day, you walk into the office and an employee fell victim to a phishing email. They downloaded something they shouldn't have and ran a virus that searched for files on their local hard drive and encrypted them, making them totally inaccessible.

Then the virus attacked their Dropbox, encrypting all of the files there and then sync'ing those encrypted files to other co-workers, who - in turn - contracted the virus on their own PC's. 

Worse yet, the virus sought-out network drives and encrypted those files, too. Your operation is down and the assessment is pretty bad: you've lost all of your user files; you must recover from offsite backups.

Are you ready?

Sounds terrible, doesn't it? Regrettably, it's a very real possibility in today's computing environment. Online backup is your hedge against this risk. It is a software product that continually backs up your computers to secure computers in the cloud. We help configure, deploy, and manage our client's online backups to recover from these kinds of situations.