Onground Technical Support

It is rather en vogue to perform technical support across the Internet by remoting into a personal computer. It's fast, efficient, and usually addresses the client's needs faster than dispatching a technician to the site. All of that is true.
However, what it lacks is interpersonal communication, the ability to shake someone's hand and to be able to understand their needs through a face-to-face conversation. It creates a barrier to empathy: to understanding the concerns and real emotional responses that the end user is having to their computing experience. In short, we feel that support-at-a-distance is a lots opportunity to build trust.
We like getting our hands dirty. We like going onground to meet people and hear about what they need from their technology. We like interacting with managers and learning about what business owners need from us - today, tomorrow, or next year - onground, on their own turf, in the midst of their own problems. We feel this is unlike many of our competitors and extends a unique value proposition to our engagements.
If you believe in the power of a handshake and eye-to-eye conversations, make us your first call.