Computer Network Support

Networks and their associated devices - hubs, switches, routers, gateways - is the technology that connects you and your business to the outside world. It is the technology that must always be on so that you can be able to see the Internet, so that your business partners can reach you by phone, and how your customers can contact you. Therefore, shouldn't your network reflect conscious design and professional planning to use the best quality of products, to guarantee uptime and redundancy, and to be built in accordance with the industry’s best practices? 
In our experience, we see the greatest risk of downtime and loss exposure related to poor network infrastructure planning and scaling. Picking up a consumer device from Fred Meyer and throwing it on your network shelf isn’t likely to solve your problem, just as turning to nephews and grandkids aren’t the best source of information regarding business-grade Ethernet network deployments. It takes many years of experience to determine how business networks should be constructed as to provide high performance, high security, and scale to accommodate growth. If you want professional solutions that reflect the importance of this investment, give us a call.