Mobile Device Support

Increasingly, business is everywhere. We're not simply behind our desks typing away madly on a personal computer and making phone calls from a land line. We are answering calls from anywhere. We are interacting with our clients and our customers at any time. We are accessing data across the world instantly. That takes mobile devices and understanding how mobile devices communicate, receive, and secure confidential information is pivotal to your business.
What? Do you just assume that every mobile telephone owned by your employees is a secure platform for conducting your business? And that their behaviors on their personal phones or laptops doesn’t put your company’s digital assets at risk? Regrettably, that is the wrong assumption. 
If you are a business manager and if you want to manage the problem of Information Technology, it starts by questioning these kinds of assumptions. Mobile technology offers of great experience for both consumers as well as employees, but that does not mean we get an excuse to stop thinking about the reliability and security of the computing platform that houses our company’s data. Instead, it should give us pause: how can we guarantee that confidential information isn't being stolen or observed or hijacked on a device that we likely don't control? 
Are you ready to think differently?