In 2004, I hung out my shingle to be different from any other break-fix geek out there. I wanted to provide a professional, competent service exclusive to small businesses - just like an attorney, an accountant, or an HR professional.

I help small businesses use technology better. It's more than my slogan: it's my mission. I don't implement tech to slow a company down, to harm their customer service, or to make them less competitive. My job is simple: to apply technology to reduce expenses, contain the cost of growth, or increase revenue for my client. It's really that basic. And that's the super-clear focus that I bring to my engagements.

Little Things Produce Big Results

Technology has never been faster and cheaper than it is today. Roughly every eighteen months, computational speed doubles and prices drop by half. Every year that goes by, small business have a unique opportunity to spend a little money and make a reasonable return. And every year, companies that invest strategically in technology work smarter, faster, and with less overhead than their competitors. I try to help my clients implement little improvements that yield big rewards over time.

Environmentalism and Sustainability

Technology can't solve everything but it can be part of a long-term solution. Personally, I've abandoned the use of combustion-engine vehicles in favor of electric cars. When I visit my clients, I feel I'm making a difference. Professionally, I've located my hosting with a local firm that powers its data center with 100-percent wind power, I manage nearly all of my infrastructure remotely, and I help nearly all of my clients implement paperless document management programs. My clients and recommendations all contribute to a solution.

Tolerance and Acceptance

People - not technology - are an organization's most important asset, and I feel the phrase "corporate responsibility" should be more than just pretty words. It's a commitment on the part of an organization to respect, honor, and take care of their staff and their partners to the ultimate benefit of their shareholders and society.  I support the Lesbian/Bi/Gay/Transgender/Queer (LBGTQ) community and I've the pleasure of calling many of them my business associates, friends, and family. 

Competition Through Innovation

I believe in business transformation. Innovative transformation. Applying technology in ways that change the way companies do their business to remain competitive in their marketplace. If my clients aren't transforming their businesses, their competitors are - that's just the reality of it - and I try to provide the best strategies, tactics, and approaches that reduce risk and maximize capability. 

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