We reduce complexity.

Many IT professionals will use geekspeak to command respect and to intimidate customers. They think the customer is incapable of making technical decisions.

We prefer education over dependency.

Unlike these “professionals”, our goal isn’t to make our small business clients dependent upon us. We like to explain the choices, options, and outcomes available to them. We believe in our customers. We know that real value is never having to call us again for the same issue.

We measure our success.

Peter Drucker said, “That which isn’t measured, isn’t managed.” We think to understand where you’re going, you must know where you are. Costs must be defined. Progress must be measured. We go out of our way to understand metrics prior to our engagement so that outcomes can be demonstratively proven.

We know real value is in measurable results.

Whether qualified or quantified, we believe metrics are essential to demonstrating success with any technical project. We use business analysis and process improvement methods so that our clients clearly understand what they can expect from our engagement. We know that real value is found in tangible results and accountability.

IT’s all about competitive advantage.

New servers aren’t cool. New PC’s aren’t hip. Deploying new software or database technology isn’t super-fun. Companies do these things because it’s about staying competitive.

We help you execute your business plan.

IT’s about improving the speed, accuracy, and reliability of a business process to drive down costs. IT’s about extending value to customers through innovative approaches to sharing information, building communities, allowing for interaction, customization, and self-service – advantages that make you distinct from your competitors. We know that real value of IT is in understanding technology investments are to improve competitive position and not to keep up with the latest, coolest technical gadget.