Our Approach

We help small business use technology better by:

  • Improving the speed, accuracy, and reliability of their business processes
  • Turning technology into an always-on utility
  • Removing the barriers to systems acquisition and deployment

We believe:

  • Computers should be disposable appliances that access services on the Internet
  • Managing servers is expensive for a small business and a huge resource drain - don't do it!
  • Instead, small businesses should lease capability from services managed by vendors
  • Small businesses should transfer the risk and cost of maintaining technology to vendors
  • Technology should be reliable – it should always work, just like electricity, water, and plumbing

We configure, implement, and manage Cloud Computing services that:

  • Handle a company’s email, calendars, tasks, appointments, files, and production data
  • Allow them to work anywhere and everywhere, safely and securely
  • Back-up their files and prepare for disaster recovery

If you share some of these ideas then just give us a call. We can help.